List the main advantages of heat application in food processing

. List six physiological factors responsible for food deterioration and spoilage (3 marks)
2. Differentiate between the terminologies modified-atmosphere storage (MAS) and packaging (MAP) from controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) and packaging (CAP) (1 mark)
3. List the main advantages of heat application in food processing (6 marks)
4. Placing each in its distinct category, enumerate nine examples of oligosaccharides found in biological systems. (6 marks)
5. With reason, classify the following amino acids into their respective categories (6 marks)
6. The quality of raw food material is judged upon four quality factors/ characteristics. Briefly describe these characteristics (8 marks)

Section B
7. Analyse the physical chemical properties of food that influence the growth of microorganisms in food material. (20 marks)
8. In tabular manner, summarize the main methods of food preservation showing the effect and disadvantages of each to a food product. (20 marks)
9. Through the use of examples, anayse the chemical factors responsible for food deterioration and spoilage. (20 marks)





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Explain the different interpretations offered by these two tests.

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Describe the tubes into which the fluid would be routinely placed.

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