Locating a Missing Child: 

Locating a Missing Child:

A 15-year-old girl left for school in the morning but never returned home. Her mother knows she never left home without her iPhone. She was also wearing her Apple Watch 6. Information we know:

  • The girl was present in school that day but did not return home at the usual time.
  • The young girl has a Facebook and an Instagram account and uses them to communicate with her friends daily.
  • She posts photos and messages frequently in Facebook when she is able and the last photo she posted was two hours ago.
  • The family mobile account is with Verizon.
  • When her parents spoke with the girl’s friends, they were told she had recently ‘friended’ a new boy who had asked her to ‘meet up’.
  • There are video cameras in the school hallways and around the school grounds, and many of the local businesses also have digital cameras

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