major difficulties that users have encountered throughout IPv6’s widespread acceptance and implementation.

“The Internet” Please respond to the following

1. IPv6 is an updated version of IPv4 that has been around for a number of years. From the first e-Activity, examine the major difficulties that users have encountered throughout IPv6’s widespread acceptance and implementation. Recommend two (2) possible solutions for the difficulties that users have encountered in IPv6’s widespread implementation. Justify your response.

2. From the second e-Activity, examine the major pros and cons of a DSL and a cable Internet connection. Compare DSL and cable Internet connections based on availability, consistent high speed, reliability, security, and price. Determine the Internet connection you prefer. Provide a rationale for your response.


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IP6 and DSL: A review of Literature

Internet protocol version 6

Internet protocol or IP is basically an example of connectionless protocol, in connectionless protocol the sender of the message doesn’t need to verify the existence of the recipient’s or doesn’t need to ask for the permission of the sender of the message before the data is sent. Thus, the end node sends the Internet protocol datagram to the gateway and thus assumes that the way to the recipient would be easily detected.  IPv6 called as Internet Protocol version 6 is an update version of the IPv4 and its main function is to address the number of real and various problems that have been perceived with the IPv4 protocol and includes limited number of the addresses of nodes and improved support for the multicasting and multimedia data.    

DHCPv6 structures two modes. In repetition, of first mode, stateless DHCPv6 is the top layer on auto configuration mechanism (SLAAC). This is castoff to offer recursive DNS addresses of the server. It uses two special flags: M – managed, O – other. These flags are used to tell the client that DHCPv6 server is required for detailed information which is associated to connection parameters. When M flag is used, state-full DHCPv6 is deployed. But when O flag is used, SLAAC is joint with stateless DHCPv6. The durable binding among SLAAC and DHCPv6 will lead to many problems. (Deering, 1998)

By Using DHCPv6, there are different results as compare to DHCPv4 server. DHCPv6 never use any MAC address for the identification of client; it uses a DUID (DHCP Unique Identifier) for the identification of client. This is used to release the clients from hardware and network interface dependency. By doing so, any change of a network adapter will show that the user is continuously obtaining similar IPv6 address.

DUID is employed by the use of specific software, so, it has stability issues.  When the client is having two operating systems, then, each operating system would have separate DUID. If uses try to change the DUID, then, it leads reinstallation of operating system. If clones OS image is used by user then same DUID is used by all clone OS. The solution to this problem is that existing systems should be extended for management of addresses, so that, DUIDs are supported. The other way is that MAC addresses which are specified in RFC 6221 are used.


DSL and cable internet

DSL stands for digital subscriber line. The already present telephone lines are used for the services of internet. Even phone lines are used for internet connection; user can use his/her phone to make voice calls. (Sundaresan, Feamster and Teixeira, 2011). The competition to the digital subscriber line is cable broadband. The main advantages of DSL are as given below:

  • The availability of DSL is high; this is because of already existing phone lines.
  • The cost to use DSL internet is less as compare to cable internet.
  • As DSL is not having any bandwidth issue, so, it provides more secure internet connection from any type of hackers.
  • The reliability of DSL is also good. This is because of already available phone lines.


The main disadvantages of DSL are as given below:

  • The speed of DSL is less as compare to cable connection.
  • DSL also have some issues on the bases of distance. By this issue, the quality of internet service is decrease and this lead to bed performance of internet service.

The cable internet service is the most popular internet service in the modern era. A co-axial cable is used to provide internet services. . The main advantages of cable internet are as given below:

  • The speed of cable internet lies between 768 kbps to 15 mbps. User can select the plan according to budget and requirement.
  • Any phone line is not required for this type of internet connection.
  • It is fast internet service and used for high quality of data transfer.
  • It is a reliable and secure service and mostly used for online buffering.

The main disadvantages of cable internet are as given below:

  • For first time, any professional technician is requiring to set the connection. The set up cost of this internet service is also high.
  • This service is not accessible in all the areas.
  • The major disadvantage of this service is that the speed of internet is proportional to the active users at same time. If there are more users, then, it will provide less speed. Thus, the internet speed gets low in peak time.


As the user is using internet service for home base, So, DSL services are preferred by user. Home based network requires internet connection or internet services via the DSL or Digital Subscriber line as it uses high frequency of the digital signals over the existing voice copper phone lines so as to carry the data directly from the company of phone switching station to the residential homes.

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