Material Footprint of Nations

Prompt for the Material Footprint of Nations article:


1)  Review the parts of the article we read in class and then finish reading it yourself.


2)  Prep a report for the president of Developingistan, a small but hopeful little nation somewhere in the world.  Developingistan has lots of natural resources in various stages of exploitation, eyes that are wide open, and political and economic relations with many of the world’s nations.  It is ready to escalate its game, but wants to do it right.

  • What are the big take-aways from this report?
  • What should the president of a developing nations know about material footprints?
  • What assumptions or premises of his do you want to make sure you refute?
  • When he talks to his people and the rest of the world, which vocabulary form this article should he skillfully employ?  Why and how?


3)  3 pages, organized not as a lecture, but as well-crafted talking paragraphs?


4)  Explicitly cited!






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