For your third and final assignment, I would like you to build on the previous assignment. Writing is iterative, so take an answer that you provided in assignment two and elaborate on a claim that you made there. You might choose to compare and contrast two methods and make a claim about how they affect our practice/understanding in some specific way. Or you might elaborate on the meaning of a particular method for our understanding of the state, or freedom, etc. These are just examples. I leave this purposefully broad so that you can write about something that is interesting to you. I do not expect you to research beyond our syllabus but if, for example, you are writing on Marx and want to draw on something he wrote elsewhere, that is just fine. I will be marking for all the usual things one looks for in a paper: thorough argumentation, creativity of thought, logical structure, etc.
6-8 pages, double-spaced this time, Times New Roman font, 12-point, left-justified, one-inch margins, number your pages, avoid block quotes.
For citations, I prefer the author-date system but any consistent method will do. If you are using a different edition than the one assigned on the syllabus, please include a full reference and use paragraph numbers where needed so that I can locate your citations.

Base the answer on this question from second assignment:
2. What does Weber mean by methodological rationalism? What would be the consequences of trying to interpret social action without this assumption?

I need the introduction to this essay with a road map of the arguments and sections by Monday midday.

Weber, Max. Economy and Society, chapter one.
Weber, Max. 1958. “Politics as a Vocation.”

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