Mobile communication

Your second graded assignment is to prepare a powerpoint-style presentation (other types of software, including Mac Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, etc are also permitted, if you create PDF of the resulting file) that explores one of the topics considered in the second half of the course (theory & society, kids & culture, games & socializing, privacy & surveillance, or activism & democracy). The objective is for you to gain a working knowledge of a current issue in the field of mobile communications, and to share your findings to others in the class. You may pick your own topic, but it must be situated in one of the course units and approved by the tutor-marker.

You may optionally *record* your presentation (talk while you change slides, and record both your voice and the slides) and submit it as a video on YouTube. An example of how to do this is provided below.

Your presentation is not expected to cover an issue in depth. Rather, you are expected to understand and present the issue at an introductory level. Your basic research strategy should start by identifying the most important sources of information about the topic. Conduct an online search for research, news articles, blog postings, or other resources. Be sure to critically assess your sources. As you read, consider some of the following questions, which can help organize your presentation:…….

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