Version management systems are a daily reality for the software development professional. On GitHub is a
public project named: TeachBen/CMP73010-assignment1-2020
You are required to sign up to GitHub and then:
1. Fork this project into your public space (1 mark)
2. Modify the Word document called CMP73010.docx (it contains instructions) and request a pull
of the project (1 mark)
Note: at various times the project manager will pull changes into the mainline. This will be reflected in your
GitHub view of the project.
Important: In your assignment submission for the rest of the assignment you must state your
GitHub account name! (So that the marker can confirm your project activity). Remember that your name
will be public so please do not disclose any personal information. Do not place your student-ID in the
GitHub document or elsewhere in the project. As this only requires your GitHub account name it will not
be counted among the word count.
Build Management (3 marks)
A client of yours has confidential plans to develop an open-source web browser and has asked you to provide
advice on build management by looking at a competitor (Mozilla ‘Firefox’).
Give your advice as follows:
1. A brief description of the nightly build system of Mozilla Firefox
for managing changes to software and systems (1 mark)
2. How Mozilla arrives at a release of Firefox that is distributed to
the public (1 mark)
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of this system for the client (1
Note that the nightly builds evolve over time so carefully reference the facts
that you have gathered and indicate the dates to which your descriptions refer.
You should be able to answer this section in about 400 words.