Course topics:


Class1 : Nature and Dynamics of Psychosocial Trauma and Its Impact on People and Society

         – Understanding the Injured Party/Victim – Wrongdoer/Perpetrator/Offender framework

         – Levelling off: definitions/descriptions/images of traumatization, conflict, and healing

         – Categories/Kinds of Trauma

         – Levels of Victimization and Traumatization

   – Flower Collage and the Community in Pain

   – Warviews: Interdisciplinary dimensions of trauma (trauma reactions/symptoms)

   – Dynamic interplay between trauma and conflict

   – Trauma narratives and its impact: terror and disconnection, child abuse, domestic


** cycle of violence and victimization

** basic human needs theory

** relative deprivation theory

** frustration-aggression theory

** collective violence theory

** social and group identity theory

** nested theory of conflict



Class2 : Exploring the Nature and Dynamics of Community-based and Psychosocial Healing



Class 3: Continuation of Week-end 2 topics/issues


Class4 : Re-entry: Where to from here? What’s next?

Summary/Synthesis (new ideas/insights and skills learned