My concept is Adherence.

My phenomena of interest is:  The lived Experience of the Non Adherence of Afro-Caribbean Male for Prostate Cancer Screening

This is a PhD in Nursing paper, please take note..




In order to build knowledge about a concept, the student will conduct an integrative review.

The purpose of the assignment is for the student to conduct an integrative review of literature for an identified concept. The review will categorize order and summarize data in a narrative format.  The review should group the major findings of studies by the concept of interest.  The review should provide summary/conclusions and recommendations for further research based on whether the majority of studies support specific relationships among variables. A grading rubric is provided.


Components of the Integrative Literature Review          

(25 points).

Use the headings: Identification/description of concept, Theoretical perspectives, Description of relationships, Research approaches, and Summary and recommendations.



Grading rubric for the Integrative Review


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Criteria Possible


Points Earned
Identification of the concept and description of how the concept has been defined by authors. Provided a brief outline of the major areas to be presented/discussed in the paper.

Professor Comments:




Brief discussion of theoretical perspectives that have been used to describe the concept.                                                                                                            (Include other theories in this area and how it relates to the concept.. for example the Health Belief Model.. Include minimum of 3 theories)

Professor comments:

Describe the relationships that have been discovered between dimensions of the selected concept and other related phenomena/concepts.

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Discuss a minimum of four research studies that have been used to understand and study the concept.

Professor comments:


Summary and recommendations for future research. (Relate in your summary to the Phenomena of interest)

Professor comments:


Content, clarity, and organization of ideas

The paper should be in APA (6th ed.) format with title page, abstract, and references with a majority of primary sources. The paper should not exceed  10 pages, excluding title page, abstract, references, tables, and any figures. (Place tables, figures, etc. in the appendices)

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References:  If you decide to use direct quotes (I suggest you NOT do this often if at all!), you should see APA for the pages about quotes in order to avoid plagiarism.  Your references should be mostly primary sources but may include some secondary sources as appropriate.  These citations should follow precise APA and for students not following APA throughout the paper and on the reference as much as 10 points may be subtracted from the final paper.