Task Overview:
This assessment item represents an important stage in writing an essay – drawing up a
clear plan of how you will organise and reference your ideas.
By presenting your essay plan for feedback, you will have a chance to review and refine
your approach before you start writing. Also, through this PowerPoint, you will build and
practice the important academic skills of presenting information verbally and visually.
Task Details:
This assessment requires you to orally and visually present your plan of the basic ideas,
organisation and possible references for your final essay in the form of a PowerPoint
slide presentation. Your 10 slides should include the following.
Slide 1: Provide your name and a title for the presentation, clearly indicating your
chosen scenario and scope.
Slide 2: Provide a draft thesis statement (key argument responding to the essay task) for
your essay, in one or two sentences.
Slide 3: Provide a background to your chosen scenario, which should include your scope
and key stakeholders.
Slide 4: Provide a relevant definition of sustainability that reflects the concerns and
potential responses in your chosen scenario.
Slide 5: Include a graphic (visual) representation of your overall essay plan. This can be
either a taxonomy or a visual outline, providing it is clear and accurate.
Slides 6, 7 & 8: Explain the specific sustainability concerns related to your draft thesis
statement, in terms of environmental, social and economic points of view, briefly
indicating responses that could help achieve sustainability and could be argued
for. Allow one slide per pillar, connecting the concerns and responses directly to
your taxonomy or visual outline of the essay.
Slide 9: Using the formal bibliographic (referencing) style of APA 6th edition, list the most
relevant publications you have found so far, and orally comment on at least one.
Slide 10: Conclude your presentation by reflecting on your progress towards writing the
final essay. This slide may also indicate any questions you are still considering or
further research that you still need to do.