Majority of references using scholarly publications,limit internet sources to statistics.

Other than theories which are older,try to use articles which are from year 2011 or later for more relevance and link.

Context: You are employed by Boston Consulting group and your company has been recently approached by a multinational corporation,which is looking for new business opportunities overseas.Your task is to evaluate the attractiveness of this industry.Carry out necessary research to construct an analysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the Indian food retail industry,using a range of published sources of information in this task such as books,academic journals,periodicals,web resources.

Part 1:Porter’s National diamond Analysis (60% of report)
Apply the extended version of Porter’s national diamond model to the indian food retail industry.

**include the porters extended diamond diagram i will upload sample slides into account later.
as shown,provide a “+” or “-” sign for the determinant. “+” = you are in favor,”-” as otherwise. From here,choose any 2 strong factors in the “-” sector to write for next part.

Part 2:Contemporary management issues (20%)
Discuss 2 key management issues that should be taken into account before developing operations in the indian food retail industry,1 of it preferably be the indian government.

Part 3:Market entry strategy (20%)
Based on research on part 1 and 2,identify 2 possible market entry strategies and discuss advantages and limitations of each.Then provide a clear recommendation to the board of directors.
Recommend the preferred entry strategy,addressing:
a) Who? if using acquisition,who is target to acquire?
b)Where? which part of India? North or South or?
c)Why? Justify ur reasons for all,resummarize it from what u wrote from above.
d)How? how do u want to get in the market?FDI? acquisition?
e)What? type of food retail industry?? vegetarian,organic,poultry,seafood,fishing etc?

Arial Font size 12.

Report should have following structure:
Table of contents

-India economy gdp from UNICEF
-india one of world largest economy

Theoretical Framework (Porter’s National Diamond) Plus diagram

Factor Conditions
Human Resources
Physical Resources
Knowledge Resources
Capital Resources
Infrastructure Resources

Demand Conditions
subheading 1
subheading 2

Related and supporting industries
subheading 1
subheading 2

Firm strategy,structure and rivalry
subheading 1
subheading 2

Market entry strategy 1

Market entry strategy 2

Conclusion/Preferred entry strategy
justify reasons and re-summarize from above with strong and convincing stand.

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