Purpose: To write a proposal that demonstrates the elements of an effective argument. DESCRIPTION OF ASSIGNMENT : 1-A proposal argument a-Identifies and defines the problem b-States a proposed solution c-Convinces readers that the proposed solution is fair and will work d-Demonstrates that the solution is feasible 2-Makes an arguable claim 3-Considers multiple perspectives-anticipates and responds to likely objections 4-Identifies and integrates credible and relevant sources 5-Written for the intended purpose and audience 6-Adequately supports claims with relevant evidence and reasoning(Sufficient, Typical, Adequate, Relevant). Sources required: 6-8 sources(academic, credible, reliable). At least six-eight different sources must be used with NOT more than two deriving from the internet.Source information gained from the library databases is not considered internet sources. Information gained from reference sources such as an encyclopedia( or a….

Theoretical perspectives in education

To choose any two articles from a given list and a. What is the view of learning and learners taken by the authors of the articles? If you find it difficult to answer this question, explain why. For example, is it because the authors give insufficient detail; or their own position seems confused to you? (Approx. 600 words.)

b. What do you see as the key similarities and differences between the views of learning and learners taken in the two articles? Can you account for these in any way? (Approx. 200 words.)

c.In what paradigm positions would you put each of your chosen articles? Explain why you are making your decisions about this � what evidence do you find, explicitly or implicitly, in the articles? If you find….

Critical Thinking

Claims: (Each Group picks three possible topics) Each student type a 1 page outline using the handout sample as guide.

1. Active euthanasia (physician assisted suicide) should be legal and available to those how choose to use it.

2. Genetically-modified foods are harmful to human health. 3. Obesity rates in the US have been exaggerated in recent years.

Each group must answer the below questions about your claim. Each individual in the group should be assigned 2-3 questions each that they are responsible for.

1. Briefly define the claim and its counter argument. 2. How plausible is the claim itself? 3. Does the claim conflict with your personal observations and background information? 4. Who are some of the people and sources making the claim? 5. What….

Qualifying Paper Proposal

Component 1: Qualifying Paper Proposal (QPP)

The QPP is a two to four page double-spaced submission to the Program Director and the two faculty reviewers that clearly identifies the topic and the specific dimensions of the topic for the Qualifying Paper (QP). There are two steps involved in the QPP requirement: Step One: Identify a specific topic of interest that is suitable for dissertation research. The QPP should include a brief introduction to the topic and why it was selected that provides the context needed to assess its importance and relevance; and a brief description of the topic and its dimensions that will be covered in the QP.Step Two: The candidate cannot proceed to the QP until the proposed topic is approved by the assigned doctoral faculty….

Academic Probation

Academic Probation Dissertation Overview

Research Questions

How is academic probation defined at the selected 2 year institutions?                                                          What academic probation policies are in place at these institutions? What are these institutions’ procedures and guidelines regarding academic probation?                     What criteria must be met for continued enrollment? How is this monitored/enforced? What are the outcomes of strategies used to support probationary students at these institutions?

Statement of the Problem

A considerable amount of literature about academic probation focus on the variety of student services postsecondary institutions offer students in support of institutional retention efforts and student persistent to graduation. Other academic probation research focus on the factors/characteristics most likely to result in students placed on academic probation. However, there is a significant lack of research that examines the role of….

case study analysis

case study analysis

 The second mode of assessment is a Case Study analysis in which students explore an example of ‘responsible management’ in their professional field or specialist discipline, and include examples of evidence which have informed the analysis.


The Case Study Analysis can take one of three formats:


A ‘Responsible Management audit’ of a leading organisation in the student’s professional field or specialist discipline. Students must document and evaluate how far the governance, management and operation (e.g. resource use, behaviour and outputs) of the organisation they have selected complies with the Principles of the UN Global Compact by analysing a corporation’s annual ‘Communication on Progress’ report. This comprises four dimensions: Human Rights – Business should support and respect the protection of international human rights; and….

Research Methods and Critique


Question 3: Research Methods and Critique

The ability to read, understand, critique, and integrate research studies and to design a study to address a gap in the research literature is a vital tool for a doctoral student. As you write your dissertation, you may be reading hundreds of studies, many of which you will evaluate as part of a coherent literature review.

Select five empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals that:

you consider critical to your understanding of your area of dissertation research all address a particular phenomenon and attempt to contribute to theory about it

Part 1

Describe each study, including: the research problem, questions, or hypotheses the research purpose type of design and elements of the design (e.g., sample, data analysis, operationalization of constructs) threats….

California Sutter Health

Souza, M. & McCarty, B. (2007). From bottom to top: How one provider retooled its collections [Electronic version]. Healthcare Financial Management, 61(9), 67-73.

Complete a summary of the case study that identifies the key problems and issues, provides background information, relevant facts, the solution employed, and the results achieved. Identify and explain the accounting practices California Sutter Health used in defining and solving its collection problems. Develop an alternative solution based on your own research using three to five academic sources from journals, professional organizations, and websites. State your informed opinion of the approach used by California Sutter Health, and provide support using concepts from your research and personal experience. Prepare a two page paper in APA format, that summarizes the articles and prepare an Please make sure….