Support your action plan with a 500-750 word rationale that incorporates researched best practices on collaboration and communication when working with colleagues, administration, and families.

As a special education teacher, you will be expected to provide support and guidance to administration, teachers, and staff regarding issues that may arise concerning how to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities outlined in IEPs. Serving as a collaborative resource to colleagues promotes the well-being of individuals with disabilities, the main goal of […]

Define colour as it relates to Visual Arts and Craft.

ELMORE STOUTT HIGH SCHOOL FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Visual Arts & Craft   Subject: Visual Arts and Craft Topic: Painting & Mixed Media Subtopic: Intro/Colour Theory┬áNote that this information should have been in your artpad, so all you have to do is take a picture and submit your work. You MUST submit the mixing and labelling […]

Compare the skills selected and their benefits for the future.

┬áIn your response, address the following: Compare the skills selected and their benefits for the future. Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences, or program of study and career choice. Your response should be about 100 words. PEER RESPONSE: Before taking this course I didn’t have much confidence in myself […]

Complete all steps of the Week 5 Writing Notebook, including the reflection step.

Each week you have had an opportunity to practice different aspects of the writing process in a writing notebook. It consists of a template you will fill out and submit in Canvas. In addition to introducing and practicing targeted components of the writing process, these notebooks are meant to help you to determine your own […]