Microeconomic Report

The formal individual assignment is modelled as a country report. Students are expected to choose a country, probably one in which they have a personal interest, and analyse recent macroeconomic events. A full-blown report of the entire economy probably exceeds the scope of the assignment. So students are encouraged to focus on specific events (say, devaluation, financial crisis, disinflation etc.), or specific policies (say, a suggested liberalization of an industry) and report on their development and implementation using the concepts, frameworks and techniques acquired in class. Since the analytical tools used in class are largely micro oriented, the borderline between a macro and a micro policy is often unclear. In case of such doubts, students are encouraged to consult with the class teacher. You will be required to….

Case 1: Lucas Jordan

Lucas is a 28 year old male who lives in North London with his girlfriend (Abbie) and their 2 year old daughter (Maisie).  He obtained a Double First in Politics and Economics from Keble College, Oxford and upon graduation he started as an intern in a large investment bank in the City.  Lucas progressed rapidly through the firm and is currently considered to be one of their most promising investment advisors; with high hopes of being promoted to a senior management position in the next 18 months.  Despite having a reputation as a “hard worker”, Lucas is well liked by his colleagues because he is always “up for having a few drinks” after work.  According to Abbie’s friends, this has been a source of….


For this, you need to pick ONE of the three “cases” below.  Once you have decided on your case, you need to address the psychological issues and how you would assist in dealing with them at ONE of three stages:

Either: What psychological features, issues or characteristics should the investigation team consider when interviewing this individual and gathering other relevant evidence? What advice would you give the team and how is this supported by relevant literature?  Please note: Psychological issues/features does not just mean “disorders” it may mean things such as memory, social influence, group dynamics and attitudes.  These could be of the individual or of the police officers themselves. Or: If the case came to trial, what might be the psychological features, issues or characteristics faced by….

The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer

Write a substantive and original term paper of approximately fifteen pages in length that examines a literary text from a particular critical- theoretical perspective. Text is The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer . Requires Research Proposal ( 2 pages) & Annotated Bibliography & scholarly sources Would like to examine usage of power and effects of control or something along the lines of control & power……

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Feasibility Report on Bringing a Major global resort brand to the British Virgin Islands

Hired as a consultant to prepare the above feasibility report. Can be focused on a niche market but must have at least secondary research and figures on (competitors, rooms, occupancy levels, demographics of the BVI, etc)

Should draw on concepts such as (Resort development & Design, Resort challenges and management/marketing efforts, Sustainability, Resort trends, etc)

Should have the following sections: Table of contents Executive 1 page summary Subheadings 4 key recommendations Conclusions APpendices Annotated Bibliography

Should critically asses the current BVI Resort market, position of selected resort among other current resorts in the BVI, key challenges with establishing the new brand, and management strategies to deal with the challenges)…

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