____ Paper analyzes work(s) of literature from the course texts or handouts. No more than two works are included in the analysis.
____ Paper analyzes different work(s) from those analyzed in your previous writing assignments (except novel).
____ If you are only analyzing one story or poem, it must be one we havent discussed in class. If you are analyzing two stories and/or poems, at least one must one we havent discussed in class. All poems and stories analyzed in your paper should come from the non-instructional portions of the DiYanni text or handouts from class.
____ Analysis should in some part utilize analysis of at least one literary element notable in the literary work(s).
____ Paper is approximately 4 to 6 pages (about 1000-1500 words). This page count does NOT include any title/prefatory pages or work cited/reference pages you might include. 6 pages is a hard limit. Please dont exceed 6.5 pages.
____ Paper focuses on analyzing the literary texts, but also makes use of information from at least one source beyond the literary texts.
____ Paper provides both context for and analysis of the work(s) being examined.
____ Paper meets the submission criteria as outlined in the course syllabus (including, in particular, MLA style/formatting guidelines).