Please read this classic paper on string matching. In this paper, a multi-string matching method is presented for bibliographic search. This method is now the basis for many methods of textual search in many contexts (database search, internet search, deep packet inspection, etc). This is a very important topic in computer science. Read this paper up to and including page 4 paragraph 3. The goal here is to loosely understand how to construct the state machine graph for a simple set of strings using pen and paper.


Choose a simple set of 3 strings (example: “help”, “hi”, “dog”). Construct the following from your 3 pattern set:

Pattern Matching Machine consisting of:

Goto Function
Failure Function
Output Function

Use Fig. 1 from the paper as an example of the format. You can write this by hand and scan your handwritten document, or you can construct this electronically.
simply to understand enough (either by the technical descriptions or simply by understanding the examples) to be able to generate a simple pattern machine machine on paper.