Kindly Prepare a report and a presentation as requested below :
present ONE business idea.It needs to be an idea for which there are potential customers. You need to discuss and analyze:
Resources: what resources do you have. Who are you, what you know and who you know? Show a clear link between your resources/means and the idea. Idea: what is the product/service idea that you’ve developed as a team? The idea is one that’s been thought through and selected by the team and you should indicate some potential buyers. Market: who will be your likely customers? What need/needs your idea address? Competitors: Do you identify any competitors? Contingency: if applicable, present how your ideas changed in the course due to unexpected events or interactions, newly available information during the course Alliances/Partners: What alliances/partners are necessary to shape your idea to analyze customers needs? Finance: Capital needs, potential sourcesPresentation should be professional in content and execution
Presentation : (max 8/10 slides)Report : (no more than 1000 words)