Prepare and submit a preliminary outline version (approximately 1,000 words) of what will eventually be your final Module Project report due in Week 7.

To complete this Module Project:

Prepare and submit a preliminary outline version (approximately 1,000 words) of what will eventually be your final Module Project report due in Week 7.

Your outline version this week should contain the following sections:

  • Organisational Profile: what is the name of the organisation you propose to use, where is it located, what is its primary business and approximately how many staff does it employ? (If there are any concerns about any aspect of commercial sensitivity, it is permissible to use an assumed name for the organisation you select).
  • Organisational Structure: how are human and other resources arranged within this organisation, what levels of seniority exist and how are those levels of seniority connected through formal reporting lines? (A structure diagram would be useful here.) To what extent is the decision process centralised in the senior management team, and to what extent is it devolved to lower levels in the organisation?
  • Change Drivers: to what extent does this organisation currently align with the principle of punctuated equilibrium? What are the factors in either or both of the external or internal operating environments that suggest a significant element of change is needed to the way in which this organisation works? Each change driver you identify should be categorised according to the criteria presented in relation to the Week 2 Deseret News case.
  • Key Stakeholders: who are the individuals, groups and organisations who will be most directly affected by the type of change that is indicated by change driver analysis? To what extent do you expect each stakeholder’s reaction to be positive or negative? What are the primary ‘unanswered questions’ that you expect to receive?
  • Change Initiative Overview: what is the primary aim of the change initiative that you recommend be introduced, and how could this initiative be classified in terms of the parameters suggested by Nasim & Sushil? How will success or failure in this initiative be measured? What ethical considerations need to be taken into account as the initiative is designed?

Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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