Gruman, Jamie A. and Alan M. Saks (2011) “Performance management and employee engagement.”
Human Resource Management Review. (21)2: 123-136.

Using Gruman and Sak’s engagement through performance management framework, devise an operational Performance management plan.
Gruman and Saks (2011) suggest that “producing performance increments may be best achieved by orienting the performance management system to promote employee engagement.” Select a job (or class of jobs) at an organisation with which you are familiar, and using Gruman and Saks’s framework for engagement through performance management, design a complete performance management system for that job.
Your system should be legal, be grounded in proven HRM theory (such as equity theory, distributive and procedural justice, the psychological contract, and motivational theories), and be easily operationalised in contemporary organisations.
You may use diagrams and models to indicate processes and relationships.

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