project management

What you have to do
In order to complete this assignment you are required to answer all questions in Part 1 and Part 2.
• Part 1 consists of four (4) short answer questions.
• Part 2 consists of two (2) questions based on the case study provided.
Part 1
Question 1
As the senior project manager in your organisation you have been asked to deliver training to junior staff on project management. To assist in delivering the training you have decided to write talking points for your first training session, the introduction. The areas to be covered in the first training session are:
• The definition of a project.
• The features of a project.
In an attempt to brighten up your delivery include examples from a project with which you are familiar.
Write your talking points covering the two areas mentioned above, including examples from your chosen project.
Question 2
You have delivered the first training session as described in Question 1 above and now need to plan your next session. You have decided that the second session will be on planning and control as functions of project management. Again you have decided to write talking points for the session. The areas to be covered in the second training session are:
• The relationship between planning and control within project management.
• The use of tools which assist the project manager with the planning and control of activities within a project.
Write your talking points covering the two areas mentioned above. In your answer include examples from your chosen project and specify three tools that can be used by the project manager for planning and control.
Question 3
You have been employed by an organisation to head up a new project team for a major project that is due to commence. As the concept of project management is new to the organisation, senior management has asked you for an initial briefing setting out details on the stages that the project will pass through.
Write a brief report for your manager setting out the stages within a project and likely activities to be found in each stage.
Question 4
As senior project manager in your organisation, your general manager has asked you to appoint a new project manager from within the organisation’s existing staff to lead the project team for an upcoming project. The general manager has suggested a person who has 10 years’ experience in the organisation and has shown strong capabilities in management of a production team.
State whether you would automatically accept the recommendation and give five reasons for your decision.
Part 2
The following information is required to answer both questions in Part 2.
The general manager of your organisation has asked you to manage a project which will see the construction of a loading dock in your local factory. You have identified nine major activities for the project. The cost and duration of each activity are shown in the following table.

Activity Preceding Activity Duration (months) Cost ($000’s)
A – 1 20
B A 5 45
C A 2 30
D B 4 52
E C 2 40
F D 4 56
G D,E 3 36
H F 2 30
I G,H 4 60
Question 1
Develop and document a network diagram/critical path chart and determine the following:
a) The activities of the critical path.
b) Duration of the critical path.
Question 2
As part of the preliminary examination of the feasibility of the project your manager has requested that you advise the flow of costs associated with the project.
Using the costs set out in the above table construct a Gantt Chart showing the cash flow required to complete the project.

Assessment checklist
I have:
□ completed part one and part two of my assessment; and
□ saved a copy of my assessment onto my computer.

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