You are working in the Development Division of Pinnacle Software Inc. Your company creates tailor-made
software solutions for corporate clients. Pinnacle Software’s head office is in Sydney, Australia and the
company has development teams in Brisbane (Australia), Perth (Australia) and Bangalore (India). The main
business of your organisation is to develop tailor-made software solutions based on the client requirements.
In your division, you work in a team that has experts in various technical aspects such as database design
and development, systems analysis and design and project management.
Providing tailor-made software solutions is a very competitive business, with many companies providing
such services. In this competitive market, it is vital for Pinnacle Software to win as many clients as possible
and provide them with quality software solutions, which are delivered on time and within budget.
The marketing division of Pinnacle Software seeks client projects and consults your division before signing
any contracts with the client. They put together a client outline for your review and analysis based on a
tender they are vying for. This client outline is a result of initial discussions with the tender contact.
At this point, the main responsibility of your team is to undertake an analysis of the client outline and to
prepare a Project Specification Document & a Project Proposal to submit in response to the tender. If the
tender is won, the agreed project is then handed over to a development team in one of the branch offices
and managed by your team at the head office.
As experts in the area and to win the tender, your team is required to provide a professional level
specification document and a project proposal with a recommended solution chosen from 3 alternative
solutions that have been evaluated