First Internship Report


  1. Provide general analysis about the selected Qatari company to include its business strategy and any recent developments (data can be obtained from Qatar Exchange website or Companies website in addition to using search engine). The analysis must include, but not limited to


a. Company Managerial and organizational structure (Board of Directors);

b. Company Vision and Goals

c. Research and discuss the company industry (local, regional, and international)

d. Company Challenges and Markets (company branches if applicable)

e. Company products and services, Size (in terms of employees and assets)


2. Compare the selected company with one of its competitors (local or international) and benchmark in relation to assets, services, branches, and others. A comparison should include performance (profitability and sales 5 years ) against major competitors and industry.


Instructions :


1. This project must be completed individually.

2. Write your name and ID number on the report’s first page.

3. Your analysis and report must be in bullet points with discussions.

4. All reports MUST be submitted MS Word file (No PDF file will be accepted) via the SafeAssign in the Blackboard to allow for plagiarism check, which MUST NOT exceed 15%.

5. Use the data available in the Qatar Stock Exchange, the company’s official website, and any other electronic references.

6. Use tables, graphs, charts and any other statistical data to support your answers.

7. Number of pages: 6 pages max.

8. Font type: Times New Roman, Font size: 12.Line spacing: 1.5.