Provide necessary entity-relationship diagrams to illustrate the data design for the software.

Assignment Description

The analysis phase helps determine what the software is supposed to do. Armed with this information, you can now turn your attention to how the software will meet the requirements. This is the design phase and the subject of this project. For this project, you will add the Design section to your Software Development Plan.

The project requires that you do the following:

  • Update the Software Development Plan document title page with the new date and project name.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
  • System Architecture
    • Identify the system architecture to be used for the software, and justify the selection.
    • Identify the control systems.
    • Perform a modular decomposition, and document the results.
  • User Interface
    • Provide designs for the primary displays for the software.
    • Document the reasoning used to develop the user interface design, and describe the tools used.
  • Data Design
    • Provide necessary entity-relationship diagrams to illustrate the data design for the software.
  • Be sure to update your Table of Contents before submission.
  • Name the document “yourname_ITSD422_IP3.doc.”

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