Provide some statistical evidence to help describe the topic.

Writing Instructions:

Write 2 paragraphs responding to one of the “suggestions list” topics and use supporting evidence to prove your idea(s)
Use at least one reference and cite it multiple times. The textbook and/or Powerpoint notes are excellent sources for this question.
At the bottom of the presentation, list the full reference(s) like in a Works Cited page.
Provide some statistical evidence to help describe the topic.
Avoid grammatical errors.
Respond to at least one other classmate’s discussion post.  Do not simply write “I agree with you.”  Provide a bit of substance by writing out a fuller sentence saying why or why not you agree with the other classmate.  Or feel free to analyze what you think of another classmate’s post.
What were Black Codes and how did they help produce Jim Crow laws during the early 20th century?

How does Nevada compare to other states in regard to illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and temporary workers in the United States?

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Describe how people are involved in their ceremony (either as an individual, or as a group

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

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