Public persuasive writing for non-specialist audiences: Students will write a persuasive public writing piece, such as an opinion-editorial or media release, from a situated perspective, such as a government or non-governmental organization, that argues for a particular policy position on a pressing international or global problem. Students will learn the following novice-level writing skills: accessible writing conventions and styles; persuasive writing; and evidence driven argumentation that supports relevant normative or ideological positions.

(issue, ITS perspectives, client: government, non-government)

Make sure your paper has a title and your name on it.
Provide Thesis statement.
Choose a tourism issue that has global application or implication.
Choose a developing country to provide examples of the global issue.
Choose a governmental or non-governmental client.
Identify ITS Perspectives. (anthropological, geographical)
Key on ideas and organization.
Be sure to organize your ideas, examine and edit your paper carefully.
Writing should clarify your thought.
Use at least two references.
Internal citations should use the following form: (Smith, 2009, p. 25).

Organization :
Introductory paragraph (thesis, link to ITS, location of issue, gov or NGO client),
1st body paragraph (presents argument and data, explains contending actors and interests
2nd body paragraph (presents recommendation, identifies strengths and weaknesses)
Concluding paragraph (summarizes argument, answers questions, identifies implications)………

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