The Excellent Manufacturing Company is experiencing quality problems with its Brak-Et line. Rejects and rework have started to go above the 10% level. This is now costing more than $50,000 per month in scrap and rework. The Mfg Engr. Dept. decided to do a Six Sigma project and reduce these excessive costs of poor quality that the Brak-Et is now generating. They developed an overall plan which includes the Definition of the problem and the Measurement phase (a Data Collection plan).
Project Definition: the Brak-Et product line and the four manufacturing processes of blanking, grinding, plating and assembly. To reduce the quality costs from 10% to 2%.
Project Measurement plan: Collect data regarding rejects and rework at the four different processes and determine where the major issues and biggest problems existed. This data is available in terms of $ of rework and $ of scrap. Then for those major categories, brainstorm and identify the possible causes of these major issues. And then finally, collect data for related factors to determine if there are any strong correlations between the quality problem and production settings.
The major categories of quality issues for the first data collection are: blanking scrap, blanking rework, grinding scrap, grinding rework, plating scrap, plating rework, assembly scrap, and assembly rework.
For each manufacturing process there are several factors that can influence the output and its quality, such as machine speed, power setting, and tool force. Each of these can be measured on a continuous scale and are known to vary somewhat from time to time.
Given this information about the Excellent Mfg. Co., develop a detailed plan for Measurement and Data Collection using the three quality tools such as the pareto diagram, cause and effect diagram, and the Scatter diagram.
Assignment Expectations
Discuss each tool, how it should be used, what data would be included, and what you would do with the data. These three tools should be used sequentially, so think about which one would be used first, how its results would then be used as input into the second tool and then how those results could be used as input into the third tool. Discuss each tool, how it should be used, what data would be included, and what you would do with the data.
Write a two to three page paper using good form and format and submit. The main focus of the paper is on the use of the three quality tools, but you may add any additional information that will help to clarify the problem. Be sure to include your references……

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