This is basically about International business.

Please find the Quinn Model and refer this for your first year assessment assignment. Please look at this website.

Please find the below information and follow the guidelines for the First year assessment that you need to complete.

Brief description of the subjects / contents in key terms
The assignment is integrative and addresses almost all aspects of the Quinn Quadrant.

With this assessment the students shows his or her individual professional knowledge and skills after one year of IBMS.

Brief description of the subjects / contents in key terms

� Idea description (innovation value, rationale product, realistic, feasible, acceptable)

� Internal/external analysis (Macro environment, opportunities and threats products, Deepest, strength and weaknesses organization, organization chart, short-term and long-term objectives)

� Target group determination (need satisfaction, BtoB versus BtoC, size and characteristics of the target group, target group approach)

� Financials (list of investments, T-bone, cost price/sales price, profit and loss account)

� Reporting (English writing skills, structuring, use of sources, APA, summarizing, lay-out)

� Visualisation (prototyping)

� Professional defense (persuasive skills, Q&A)

Competencies assessed in module
� International business awareness
� International strategic vision development
� Business processes & change management
� Entrepreneurial management
� International marketing and sales management
� International finance and accounting
� Business Communication
� Business Research methods
� Planning & organizing

Learning objectives

� The student is able to describe and analyse simple processes in the field of business operations and human resources. (Int. business process and change management)

� The student can recognise and describe company goals, objectives and policies.

� The ability to write and defend a business plan for a (start-up) company

� The student is able to evaluate and assess the contribution of marketing to a firm in an international business environment, including the decisions on price, product, distribution and communication

� The student is able to understand and describe the various classifications of costs and revenues, to perform �mainly simple- cost (and revenue) calculations.

� The student is able to translate simple financial activities into journal entries and to prepare a balance sheet and profit & loss account for an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise).

� The student is able to determine and to work with the information needs of an SME, among which the chart of accounts.

� The student is able to translate more complex financial activities into journal entries and to prepare a balance sheet and profit & loss account. (Int. Finance and Accounting)

� The student has a generally effective command of the English language in a range of situations, e.g. can make a contribution to discussions on practical matters. (Business Communication)

� The student has the ability to make a realistic and effective planning of his own activities.(planning and organizing)

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Please mention all the points above in the paper.

Thank you very much for your time on writing my paper.