I need my part c for my term project done by end of day friday  at 11:59. I’ve attached parts a and b NOTE you must read them to understand the aesthetics of each designer department , the store, and our target customers as a whole. Read the Term project part c .pdf for full directions as well as an example of the finished product. also read the additional information pdf for additional instructions as well.

Part C:  Merchandise
In Part C, you will stock each designer dept. you created in Part B with appropriate merchandise, apparel and accessories.
You will stock each department with clothing and accessories from current collections of
contemporary designers and brands that are inspired by that particular designer.  Each department will have 20 products including garments and accessories (3 designer departments, 20 products each, a total 60).

One is not to use the original designer products, Haute Couture or Made to Measure. Additionally, any designer high priced prestige or luxury market items are not to be used. do not use the original designer or any designer products, Haute Couture or Made to Measure.
It is important to learn to recognize the chosen designer characteristics in the various
price point categories especially lower ones as they are inspired by designers.
Links to apparel categories are easily found online.

Zara & H&M are not to be used as these are highly established private label brands that are sold exclusively in their own stores.

You may use brands that are sold in department stores. Example, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren brands are available in more than in category. At Lord & Taylor, one can find them in the designer section and moderate too