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Assignment 2
Assignment marks: 100 | Weight: 35%

Student No: [Enter your Student No]

I have read the Assignment Guide in the ‘Generalassessment information’ and have applied the wordcount principles to my work.

My word count for this assignment is: [Enter your word count] words
Your assignment should be loaded into KapLearn by 11.30 pm on the due date.
All times are based on AEDT/AEST time zones.
Refer to ‘Time remaining’ on the ‘Assignment’ page in KapLearn to ensure you submit yourassignmentby the specified due date and time.

ü I have completed my assignment using Word.
ü I have completed my assignment using Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana fonts.
ü I have added my Student No. on this page.
ü I have added my word count on this page.
ü I have added my Student No. in front of the filename in the footer on the second page.
ü I have saved the file to be uploaded as StudentNo_FPC008_AS2_v7A2
ü Each question of my assignment is within the word limit guidelines for that question as per the ‘Generalassessment information’ (Assessment à Assignment à Generalassessment information).
ü My assignment file size is no larger than 2 MB.
ü If tables were required, they are visible as text, not as links or images.
ü I have not removed the marking grid from thefooter.
ü I have submitted my assignment as per the instructions in KapLearn