Respond to the EACH of the following prompts in a 2-3 page (typed, double-spaced) essay (so you’ll be writing 4-6 pages in total). In each of the essays, be sure and refer specifically to materials found in the syllabus readings. Do include relevant quotes, but keep quotations to a minimum so as to make your own voice be heard.

Essay Question 1 on “internalized others”:

Referring to specific examples from our readings on the long and ongoing presence of Islamic and Gypsy elements in Spain, reflect on patterns of inclusivity and exclusivity in the formation of “Spanish culture.”

Readings: Spain’s Islamic Legacy, Islamic Spain Past and Present, Exorcizing Exoticism: Carmen and Oriental Spain

Essay Question 2 on “historic nationalities”:

In the regions that we examined (Basque Country and Galicia), music has played a key role in helping to define or express cultural identity. Cultural identities, however, are not monolithic identities and people within the same region can disagree on what form of music is the most “authentic” expression of that region. Describe some of the cultural debates surrounding music and regional identity in two of the regions mentioned above.

Readings: Kafe Antzokia: The Global meets the Local in Basque Cultural Politics, Bagpipes and Digital Music: The Remixing of Galician Identity

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