Assessment task 1 (a):

You are required to submit a summary of your assignment topic. This summary should be a brief description of your topic, how you will source your literature, and any other relevant comments.  The latter may include potential problems with sourcing relevant literature, relevance to paramedic practice etc.

Assessment topics:

You may choose any one of the five following topics as a base:

  1. Reflect on the current era of evidence based medicine. Give an historical overview.  Choose one area (for example adrenaline in cardiac arrest) and show how evidence based practice has changed or supported this practice.


  1. What has led the change from fibrinolysis to PCI? Reflect on parameters such as evidence based medicine, demographics and technological advances.  You may like to tailor this paper to the Aboriginal population, due to a significant rural/remote aspect and noted idiopathic responses to older forms of fibrinolysis.


  1. Paramedics can accurately and rapidly interpret 12 lead ECGs. Support or argue against this statement with reference to literature.


  1. What evidence is there to support or discourage the concept of ED bypass, that is, paramedics performing 12 lead ECG and then transporting straight to

catheter labs?  You may like to specify different practices, for example, paramedics interpreting 12 lead ECG, versus transmitting data en route.


  1. Choose one cardiac drug in routine, emergency department use. Outline its safety and efficacy, and argue for or against its inclusion in a paramedic

regimen.  Think carefully about whether you will be able to find specific pre-hospital literature before embarking upon this topic.


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