report on ​one​ aspect of the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution Report For this assignment, students will report on ​one​ aspect of the Industrial Revolution. Choose from one of the following topics for your essay:

● Growth of Industry; ● Growth of Cities; ● New Immigration or ● Organized Labor

Write an essay and include the following: • A general description • The cause and effect • The positives and negatives • A concluding paragraph giving your personal response to the effects on society today of your topic.

Citations: The information found in the textbook is useful, but students will need to use ​two additional sources. Cite all sources, and include this information on the bottom of the last page of your research. **Any assignments received without citations will be returned. Students should include pictures, photos, creative touches. Also cite any clip art or pictures used.

This is a 25 point assignment • 15 points – thoroughness, accuracy, and level of analysis of Industrial Revolution Topic • 5 points: organization of reporting, creativity, good aesthetics, attractive, use of color, pictures • 5 points: professionally written – good spelling, grammar, mechanics, title, sentence and paragraph structure, etc.

Remember to include a works cited list!

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