request individual services at standard rates.

Ballarat Beauty Basics provides a range of basic beauty therapy options. Fast hair, waxing and nail treatments are available for clients from Ballarat and outlying areas. Ballarat Beauty Basics provides services to new clients and existing clients. Ballarat Beauty Basics is all about fast service. Hair appointments offered include a cut and blow wave only (colouring or foils etc are not offered). Waxing treatments include half leg, eyebrows, and upper lip. Nail treatments include manicures or pedicures. Ballarat Beauty Basics has been newly renovated with specialist rooms for waxing and nail treatments. Social networkers rave about the quality of service, cleanliness of the salon and the friendly professional staff. Existing clients can select a package treatment. This deal combines hair, waxing and nail treatments as a package deal at a 10% discounted rate. Both existing and new clients can request individual services at standard rates. The package deal includes hair treatment, facial waxing and a manicure or pedicure. The package treatment takes a beauty therapist 1 hr and 45 minutes to administer. Individual services take 30 minutes for a hair treatment, 30 minutes for waxing and 45 minutes for nail treatments.

Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

Exit Strategies It’s difficult to believe that after going through everything it takes to get a small business up and off the ground, often times the next steps are to….

What affirmative defenses (e.g., duress, fraud, public policy) will you present?

Leonard v. Pepsico: Cold Hard Facts   Inspired by the commercial shown in this assignment’s video, Leonard set out to obtain a Harrier Jet. Leonard explains that he is “typical….

Discuss any aspects of the course you enjoyed or would like to see improved to provide a better learning

  Supply Chain 1 – Describe and discuss three (3) concepts that you have learned in this course.  Define the concept and discuss how you demonstrated/learned the concept in course activities…..