Re: Topic 3 DQ 2

There are three levels of health promotion from primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary is a preventive measure to prevent illness from arising. Secondary is also a preventive measure that leads to early diagnosis’s. Tertiary is a preventive aspect through rehabilitation. Health education from a nurse to a patient can help with all three levels. With the primary you can educate the patient on not smoking, better eating habits, excercising along with immunizations. The secondary level can be educated by early screening to determine a diagnosis early. Examples are breast screening and blood pressure screenings. Tertiary level aims at rehabilitation so it requires re-educating to prevent further issues and get back to optimal health. For example, a patient that had a stroke would require physical therapy to reduce brain injury and promote recovery. Nurses in preventative health care are tasked with improving the health of patients through evidence-based recommendations while encouraging individuals to receive preventative services such as screenings, counseling and precautionary medications (Benedictine University, 2021). There are pamphlets and information the facility can provide for a healthier lifestyle. Information can contain a healthier diet, ways to stop smoking, screening and types of exercise to do, etc.

Benedictine University. (2021). The role of the nurse in preventive health care.                    nurse-preventative-health-care

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