The first academic response paper will be in response to the 2003 film “Shattered Glass,” starring Hayden Christensen, Peter Sarsgaard, and Chloë Sevigny.,General instructions:

This paper should begin by briefly summarizing the film and its major themes.

Then, focus on a single aspect rather than attempting to address the entire video. Summarize at least one argument, claim, or concept that’s been presented in the film briefly, and provide your critical response or reaction elaborately. Overall, provide a strong and thoughtful analysis and clear communication of your ideas.

You may pick ONE of the following prompts to respond to:

What newsgathering rituals, media routines, or other underlying influences on The New Republic’s staff allowed this to occur?

Why are Stephen Glass’ fabrications such a big deal? (It won’t be enough to say that he lied or made stuff up — We need you to go deeper.)

You are going to explain the film content following class lectures, readings, and experiences from your own life. The purpose is to help you process the class content and integrate this knowledge with your own experiences. Look for connections, contradictions, or confrontations between what you’re watching and our class conversations and/or your textbook. When possible, apply them to personal or current events. When providing a response, it’s usually going to be appropriate to write in the first person —we want to know what you think and feel about the assertions you’ve just viewed.

Finally, write a conclusion summarizing and advancing your overall critical thoughts very briefly.

The paper must be your own and all information and ideas from other authors must be adequately cited and referenced.

Paper Format:

The paper should be between 500-600 words in length

Times New Roman font; 12-point size; typed; double-spaced, 1-inch margins in all sides

When necessary, use subheadings to identify different sections of your paper

Include references and citations

Begin the reference page on a new page

Use the American Psychological Association (APA) Style for entire paper, including—

Title page




For more information about APA citation style, see:

Include your first & last name, title, and page numbers in the header on every page

Make sure the paper is free of misspellings, typos, errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

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