Rethinking Childhood and Children’s Lives in Education and Schooling

Essay question:”What contribution does spatiality make to the construction of modern childhood and its institutions, and in what ways might understanding this support social constructionism’s aim to rethink children’s lives? ”

-Criteria for assessment
The work will be assessed and marks awarded based on how well it:
Addresses all aspects of the assignment question and shows understanding of the topic (20%)
Draws upon the core and supplementary readings recommended during the lecture course (20%)
Shows ability to construct relevant and appropriate explanations and well-reasoned critical arguments (higher grades cannot be awarded without fulfilling this criterion) (20%)
Has a clear structure; is written in an appropriate academic style using conventional grammar, syntax and spelling (20%)
Cites references fully and accurately following the Harvard referencing style (10%)
Is written within the word limit 2000 words (10%)
-Please the British context of writing uk writer

• Chapter 2 and chapter 5 which I have uploaded are a draft from Blundell, D., (2015 forthcoming) book. Reference it this way (Blundell, D., (2015 forthcoming) “Chapter 2 – Rethinking spaces, places and the spatiality of children’s lives” from Rethinking Children’s Spaces and Places, London:Bloomsbury DRAFT VERSION and in text, as: Blundell (2015 forthcoming)

• The 5 different parts that are named as group 1,2,3,4, and 5 are from chapter 5 in ‘’Blundell, D., (2015 forthcoming) ‘’Chapter 5 – (Not) playing out: range, territories and children’s activity space’’ from Rethinking Children’s Spaces and Places, London:Bloomsbury DRAFT VERSION and in text, as: Blundell (2015 forthcoming)’’

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