Week 1 Group Project Discussion

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Group Project Assignment and Group Project Discussion Thread

Project Overview

The group project will span all five weeks of the course. Weekly group assignments will culminate with the submission of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 15 to 20 slides (excluding title, abstract, and reference slides) on the topic selected. For this group project, you and your classmates will learn about the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) first responders to public health emergencies called Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officers. They are also called Boots-on-the-Ground Disease Detectives or Disease Detectives. Similar to paramedics responding to a medical emergency or law enforcement to a crime scene, Disease Detectives investigate mysterious outbreaks in the field and combine their investigations with laboratory studies to form the foundation of epidemiological strategies.

Day 1–2

Days 1–5

Day 6

Day 7

The instructor will post the approved topic for each group by the end of the week to the Group Project Discussion thread for all students to see. This will ensure that the same topic is not presented by two different groups.

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Just a reminder that your week 1 project is due here by tomorrow, 3/29/21.