The paper is a review on the artist James Turrell’s installation at 333 Bay st, Toronto, Canada. (I will upload photos of the work.) Please also watch the video on vimeo. (Just search “Straight Flush James Turrell on Google)” On the day that I visited the centre (in the photos), the installation shows the sky blue color with slight purple on the edges. Rectangular shapes are cut out of the wall and screens emitting light are put into the niches with a roughly 5cm gap left between the screens and the wall. The gap create an illusion of a white band when looking at the installation from the side.

Please do some research into the building, its building plan, and the location where the installation is at. (Also, the installation faces Trump International Hotel.) Please also write something on the buildings and streets surrounding the centre.

James Turrell, like his parents, is a lifelong Quaker. I do think that this have something to do with his obsession with light and space and the religious connonation behind some of his work. Please also include comparison with some of his other works.

Also, pay attention to the name of the artwork. “Straight Flush” can mean a type of poker hand and can also mean the US superfortress B-29 in the atomic bomb attack on Japan. (Keep in mind that the installation is in Toronto.)

For the references, it doesn’t really have to be 13… but it is important to have some peer-reviewed library materials.

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