Assignment 2: Written Assignment
Weight:0%, DUE DATE: 7 JAN 2021
Must Complete:Yes
Word Length:2000 words
Notes:Written assignment
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Learning Outcomes1-3
The Youbeaut Clinic has been accepted to participate in the NSW Healthcare Homes program. As the senior RN in the practice you have been the given the task of care coordinator for patients who have agreed to participate it the program.
Liam is a 15-year-old male patient who has recently joined the program. You have not met Liam previously and he and his mother, Erica, are due to attend the surgery later today. In preparation for Liam’s appointment you review his patient’s notes and shared care plan. On review you note that the shared care plan has been started however is not yet complete.
Review the attached case study of Liam and his shared care plan then answer the following questions:
Complete the missing information on Liam’s care plan and provide the relevant information;

  1. Patient Care Team: Identify all of the facilities, organisations and professionals Liam and his parents will have to access/interact with to achieve his treatment goals. Separate these into primary secondary or other (if relevant) and document the referral process and their role in Liams’ care.
  1. Patient’s barriers to care goalsReview the patient care goals identified on the care plan. Identify barriers for achieving the care goals(note: may be: medical, situational system. Consider self-management strategies, health literacy and the team goals, this is not exhaustive).