review the strategies and tactics you devised in Assessment Task 1 and describe how they meet the requirements for the organisation.

Assessment description In this assessment task, you are required to review the strategies and tactics you devised in Assessment Task 1 and describe how they meet the requirements for the organisation. You also need to develop a presentation of your marketing strategies that outlines the strategies, your approaches and your reasoning for developing these. Your presentation should incorporate feedback from key stakeholders. You can research other organisations to understand how they develop and produce a marketing plan, particularly to assist you in determining specific goals or objectives. This may assist you in setting specific metrics for your assessment case study. Procedure 1. For the organisation outlined in the case study materials from Assessment Task 1, and using the strategies and tactics developed in Assessment Task 1, you will need to prepare a marketing plan using the headings below. a. Executive summary – Provide an overview of the organisation and the marketing plan, which simply states what is to be achieved. b. SWOT analysis – Submit an overview of the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (based on the analysis completed in Assessment Task 1). c. Marketing objectives – Include quantifiable marketing objectives and goals, which are trackable and measurable. Explain how they will be tracked and what they will be measured against. Also include the objectives of the organisation (discussed in Assessment Task 1) and detail how they relate to the marketing objectives. d. Strategies – Outline the marketing strategies developed in Assessment Task 1. Include your reasoning for the marketing mix decisions that you made and the strategies you selected, referring to the SWOT, risk and gap analyses undertaken. e. Pricing, position and branding – outline prospective pricing for the product, how the product will be positioned within the marketplace and what you will do to increase brand awareness (based on the strategies outlined already). f. Implementation – Provide an outline of the tactics devised for implementation in Assessment Task 1. Provide your reasoning for choosing these tactics. g. Performance review – Explain how performance will be tracked and what it will be measured against. Include timeframes for tracking. 2. Prepare a presentation to outline the marketing plan to a group (determined by your supervisor). In this presentation, include the following information: a. Organisational overview, including strategic direction and organisational objectives b. Gaps between objectives and current capabilities of the organisation c. Opportunities that you have identified d. Tactics e. Your marketing plan f. Possible risks and consequences for implementing your marketing plan


Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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