The Effective Tax Rate (ETR) case study is designed to help students gain a better understanding of ETR and develop their critical thinking skills through cleaning variables, basic statistics, tables & figures, and multivariate regression analysis.

Students will work in a group of 4-5 people completing the ETR project using Excel, preparing a written analysis of the results, and then presenting their findings in class.


To complete the project, please follow the STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS . You’re your industry to analyze. In your written analysis, please include:

· Why you select this industry?

· Data cleaning process (e.g., beginning sample, ending sample)

· Report and discuss your results of step 5, step 7, step 8 and step 9

Guidelines for your paper:

· Your writing should follow APA style including tables, graphs, citations and references.

· The first page of your paper should list the following: Name of your selected industry and student names.

· Please use proper English, grammar, and spelling.

· Your paper will be checked for plagiarism.


Step 8. Plot your findings and analyze the graphs you plotted

c. Using the dual-axis function, create a figure which overlays the Average Annual ETR (or CETR) and Average Annual Pre-Tax Income.

d. Average Percentage of Tax Expense from Federal, State and Foreign Taxes

All three variables plotted on the same, single figure.

Watch instructional video: Figures with Trendlines

Watch instructional video: Creating Figures with a Right Axis and a Left Axis






Instructions :

In 3 Paragraphs explain the Importance of the topic and why the topic was chosen and an introduction to the topic. {Topic: Whole sale Trade (50) }. Watch the 2 videos I linked and then Write about step 8 C & D a total of 2 pages. Also look at the attached data sheet (Case Study) and explain 8 C & D Data in depth as well as explain the instructions and what is done and why it’s done and how and what is the purpose.

PS: Please make sure you review the whole excel sheet to really understand the case study and be able to write about. Please attach a Turn it In report or a Plagiarism Checker. Also add references and follow APA format and instructions stated above.