Rework Parts A and D of Problem 6.47.

Rework Parts A and D of Problem 6.47. The two engines now deliver the same work instead of having the same efficiency.

Problem 6.47

A Carnot heat engine receives heat from a high-temperature reservoir at 527°C. The heat rejected from this engine is supplied to a second Carnot engine. This second engine rejects heat to a low-temperature reservoir at 17°C. The first engine rejects 400 kJ to the second engine. If both engines have the same efficiency, determine the following:

A. The temperature of the high-temperature reservoir for the second engine (i.e., the temperature of the low-temperature reservoir of the first engine)

B. The energy received by the first engine from the 527°C source

C. The work done by each engine

D. The efficiency of each engine

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