Aims and Objectives:

The aim of this assignment is to help students understand mobile app technology within a business environment. Students should be able to identify business requirements when selecting a mobile app, and they should be able to differentiate between app types and select the appropriate app to match a certain business environment.



Read the scenario and provide word processed answers to the questions in an essay format, short answers will not be accepted.


                              The Business Scenario


The Current Situation

Sam is a merchant and currently has a small shop in Emerald Victoria called (Digital

Devices). Local customers come to his shop and buy directly from the shop. Five years

ago Sam decided to go online, he designed and developed an online website for his

store, his sale increased, because customers from all over Australia could access his

online website and purchase digital devices from his store.

Sam understands the potential of Mobile technologies and applications as it can bring to his online business lots of opportunities. So he decided that the time has come for him to go Mobile, as he thought that this will expand his market place even further thus increasing profit as he can reach customers anywhere and at any time via their mobile devices such as their smart mobile phones. Sam is planning to sell the same products but via a mobile application which users can download from his website, and at the same time he wants to keep his online store up and running.


Sam’s Requirements for the Mobile Business App:

• Sam wants to upload pictures for each product, enter the information such as the name

of the product, product code, price, quantity, etc. to help customers find the specific

device they are looking for.

• Customers can download the app and view the product on display on their mobile

device regardless of the brand of the device (iOS, Android etc…)

• A customer can select or search for a product to buy and then check out the features

of the product.

• A customer should be able to read reviews of the selected product.

• A customer should be able to check out and view the items he or she has selected.

• A customer should always feel connected to Sam’s business

• A customer should be able to contact Sam directly to inquire etc..

• Easy and simple to navigate mobile interface.



Discussion (short  answers won’t  be accepted)


  1. What Mobile app type can you recommend/suggest to Sam’s business according to

his requirements and why? Explain and justify.


  1. List and discuss in details 5 advantages of the app you have selected in question 3.


  1. In a business native mobile app environment which technology is used to keep a

constant connection with customers? Explain in details how does this technology

work? Provide 3 examples in a business app context on the use of this technology.


  1. Design and sketch/draw templates for (Digital Devices) Mobile App Interface


The questions  to be answered are questions 3,4,5 and 6


Do not forget citations and reference lest