Essay Question:

Select one media example: this can be a ‘text’ (a TV programme/series, a film, an album, etc.); an institution (BBC, News Corporation, Google, Facebook…); or an event (such as election, disaster, summit, festival). Engage in a brief comparative analysis of it using TWO of the approaches that you have encountered on this course, making sure to closely refer to their ideas, arguments and approaches. Assess how and why each approach helps us to understand your chosen example.


Two Approaches are Media and State and Media, Nation and National Identity


Seminar reading and discussion topics: Media and State

Sparks, C. (1986) ‘The Media and the State’, in J. Curran et al. eds. Bending Reality. London: Pluto. 76-86.


Seminar reading and discussion topics: Media, Nation and National Identity

Black, J. (2016) ‘As British as fish and chips’: British newspaper representations of Mo Farah during the 2012 London Olympic Games, Media, Culture & Society, Vol. 38(7): 979-996.


Word Count: 2000 words

 Must include multiple references and examples and bibliography must be perfect

  Referencing must be done in Harvard format