You will be provided with the plans for a building that will require a smoke control system of some form (natural or mechanical) to protect the means of escape provision from a specific area. design the system to maintain a clear layer to enable people to evacuate beneath. Use standard smoke control hand calculations and compare the results with those of detailed CFAST modelling and/or FDS modelling.

 You have to write the order as following description (table of contents) and each part with minimum words as I mention below and the total words shall be 9000 words and I will attached you with very essentials references and if you need more reference I can send it to you and you can found for me more references :-

 Table of contents:-


  1. Introductions (300 words)


  1. An introduction to the problem and Basic building information (1500 words)

 (You can write about the both floor, ground and first floors form the drawing building that attached to you in terms of travel distance, voids , occupant load calculation, width of means of egress and type of occupancies  . in first floor the total area is about (766 meter square) with 24 different type of room and each room has special number for example (rentable office space with 97.2 meter square and its number 1.9) .  The problem in the building is only one closed staircase are provide and the other stair is open stair that located at the middle of the building. In addition, there is opening voids between the ground and the first floor as in case of fire the fire can spread easily between the two floors. In addition, there is a dead end on travel distance in each floor especially form office number 1.21 to the circulation number 1.13 in first floor.  You have to mention about these problems in details and you can found other problems by your research.  


  1. The smoke control calculations performed (in detail) (2500 words)


(You can here use the files that I attached to you as they have useful formula and equation to solve this part) and you can use other files from you research  


  1. An explanation of the CFAST/FDS modelling performed and the results obtained (2500 words)


Here is the difficult part that need you to use the FDS AND CFAST computer software modelling to solve this part by drawing only the voids that located on each floor at the middle of the building and draw for example the area where can fire can be create on for example, the open café number G31 in ground floor where located close to the voids. Simply , you will use both software and draw the both voids in ground and first floor and draw one room or enclosed space such as café room and consider different scenario of smoke spreading around the building and then design the a good design for smoke control system to avoid the dangerous situation of smoke.


  1. A detailed comparison, critical analysis and discussion of the methods used and the results obtained (2000 words)


Here you will write about the comparison between the results of the hand calculation the computer modelling system and write the final result for determining the good design of smoke control system


  1. Conclusions (200 words)