This research paper is a PhD qualifying exam. The writer wrote the initial paper and I have uploaded to the file as a reference and for it to be used as a template. The paper written by your writer was Very Good and received a conditional pass; but needs to have some additional references added in order for the paper to pass. The attached paper that the writer initially created, along with some of my personal modifications, is 19 pages long and I need to have an additional 8 pages of content “incorporated” into this paper using the 9 additional references I have attached. All of the uploaded sources for this paper MUST be properly and clearly cited using MLA formatting which should include in text citations e.g. (Weber 131). Only use the sources uploaded into this file. Please DO NOT use any additional references or sources for this paper, especially internet sources such as Wikipedia. All of the uploaded sources must be used EXTENSIVELY and in depth (not just cited). All the sources used MUST be clearly cited. The ORIGINAL question/topic addressed in the paper was the following: Discuss the definitions and origins of social stratification, class stratification and wealth/income inequality in-depth; and their implications on US society today. The only difference is that we NOW need to incorporate the topic of Social Justice and also add content from the newly added resources into the existing topics. If the question or topic needs to slightly adjusted or manipulated…that’s fine; however, it is MANDATORY that all FOUR categories are discussed and properly cited in the paper. The first paper was very good and all that is needed is to incorporate the additional references and add the Social Justice section. Lastly, if you can PLEASE ensure this paper is original work because it is a qualifying exam and I am confident it will be reviewed under plagiarism software. Thank you very much in advance and please feel free to call or email with any questions or if you need additional information.

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