State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHI

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHI)

The Topic I chose is writing about SCHIP or State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). After speaking with the teacher this paper needs to be written as if the reader (in this case the teacher) does not know anything about my topic. Placing an opinion in this paper is allowed as long as the opinion relates to potential changes or improvements that could be made in the system. The sources need to be found online from websites that are formidable. Not Blogs or wikipedia. Please style everything in an APA format. My school textbook, if needed, is “Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law & Ethics” by Dean M. Harris 4th edition.

Feel free to let me know if you need any further information.

Here is the teachers instructions:

TOPIC: The topic for the midterm paper shall be some area of healthcare administration or law related to the management or regulation of healthcare (topics covered in Chapters 4-9 in your textbook) that is of interest to you. I encourage you to send me your topic via course message early in the semester for approval prior to beginning your research. Your topic can be an exploration of a particular legal principle, an exploration of a recent case, an examination of a statute, or can be some other topic that fits the criteria. Be creative!
REQUIREMENTS: The requirements for midterm paper shall include:
• Appropriate Topic
• Title Page and Abstract at the beginning of the paper;
• Proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation;
• Proper citation and bibliography using American Psychology Association (APA)
format and style;
• Minimum of 6 sources (excluding the course textbook). Note: Wikipedia is not a
valid source and is not acceptable; and
• Paper should reflect graduate level work both as to content and presentation.

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