Statistical Data Sources

Statistical data sources are important for creating official statistics. Workplace stress is considered to be the harmful physical and emotional response of an employee when there is a conflict between job demands and the employee’s ability to meet these demands. Stress for business employees can lead to reduced productivity, frequent absenteeism, and losses for the business (Bull, 2016). This paper looks at the statistical data sources for the research about stress on business employees. The data sources that will be used are the American Institute of Stress (AIS):, and World Health Organization(WHO):

AIS is a good statistical data source because it focuses on studying stress levels among the working people in America. This data source provides factual information about stress at the workplace. The data found in AIS is recorded after sufficient research has been done through surveys and other methods of collecting data. WHO is one of the most trusted and reliable sources of data. WHO conducts research across the world annually to analyze how people are faring in different parts of the world. Stress at the workplace is among the studies conducted by WHO. This data source contains a lot of statistics about stress at the workplace which will be useful for the study about stress for business employees.

The data sources are very effective because they are among the best data sources in the world. A lot of people rely on these data sources when conducting research. The information obtained in the sources has been validated by experts in various fields: this makes the information accurate and reliable. The articles obtained from these sources contain updated information. These data sources are effective because they contain articles with accurate and reliable information.

In conclusion, statistical data sources are important for obtaining official statistics. AIS and WHO are the data sources that I will rely upon mostly because they contain factual statistics. The articles in these data sources are effective because they have been validated by experts from different parts of the world; this makes them accurate and reliable.