a. It has been argued that the software crisis led to the birth of the software engineering discipline in the
late 1960s. What do you understand by the term software crisis? (5 Marks)
b. There are still many software experts who are of the opinion that the software crisis is not over yet.
Do you concur with this opinion? Discuss. (5 Marks)
c. With suitable examples, distinguish between software processes and software process models.
(5 Marks)
d. A university clerk needs to check the number of foreign students in the university. All university
students are registered in a three tier web based database. This means that the clerk has to type his
search request at the html form, then click submit button. The submit click event forwards the request
to a middle level application (e.g JavaServlet), which in turn forwards the request to a database. The
database sends a reply back to the middle level application, which in turn forwards the reply back to
the clerk. Represent this interaction using a state transition diagram. (5 Marks)





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