1.(a) For what reasons is centralization of office work desirable? (10 marks)

(b) What are advantages of decentralization of office services?(10 marks)

2.Stock levels should be determined in view of the requirements of the organization based on past experience.Explain the main factors which affect the stock levels.(20 marks)

3. Open-plan offices have become more common in recent years primarily because the space can be used more effectively.What are the advantages and disadvantages of open-plan offices?(20 marks)

4.Discuss the main methods of exercising control over errors in office work.(20 marks)

5.Describe the reception procedures which should be followed by the receptionist when handling customers in an organization which is sensitive to customer services.(20 marks)

6.It is only when confronted with a form for completion that the faults become apparent.Prepare a check-list of the common faults likely to be found in printed forms used over period of time.(20 marks)

7.List and explain briefly the main points which should be considered in the preparation of reports.(20 marks)

8.What are the main problems of an automated and how can they be overcome in the changing office environment?(20 marks)









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